Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guest Post - Clair From A Cacao Life

Hi there!

There's someone that I really want you all to meet today - Clair, a friend of mine who has just recently started her blog - A Cacao Life 

A cacao life

If you've been reading along lately, you'll know that I've made some serious changes to my diet and exercise (from zero exercise to most days) and in the beginning phases of any big life changes - we need all the support we can get. 
Clair is a big supporter of mine, which I appreciate whole heartedly :-)
Clair lives in the same town as me and has been inspiring me with awesome clean recipes and food ideas for a while now. She's an awesome cook!! And an awesome person who happily share's her knowledge with you! I'll let her take it away now and introduce herself to you. You're gonna love her!!

My name is Clair, and I, like you LOVE Courtney's blog. Not only is this woman wonderfully talented, she also is the kindest soul you could find! She offered me to have a go at doing a guest post on her blog today! So bare with me!

My little blog 'A Cacao Life' is about something Courtney has occasionally posted about on her blog…clean eating, exercise and family. I feature 'clean' recipes of your most naughty foods, information about latest trends in the healthy food world, and some pics of me and my little family. I've recently had baby number 2 (Jimmy) and I'm on maternity leave from my career as a nurse.
I'm in the midst of doing the Whole30 and I'd love for you to pop over to my blog and have a peek. I love feedback- so bring on your constructive criticism! 
I hope you enjoy my blog and come back for another visit!

Clair xx

Thanks Clair!!

The last time I saw Clair I asked her 'What do I wear for running in summer?' to which she didn't hesitate to answer my complete exercise newbie (and probably funny/blonde!) question...'Just a tank top and some running shorts Courts' Thanks for not laughing at me Clair!! ;-)

Wanna see a couple of things Clair's been making/eating??

Try this raw chocolate and hazelnut brownie tart on for size...


I'm literally drooling as I type!
Or this...

as either breakfast, lunch or tea! Both guilt free ;-) Bonus!!

So if you're curious about that stuff you put in your mouth and how it's directly linked to how you feel/look and want to try out some clean recipes (eating healthy doesn't mean you are deprived!) or if you're wondering what on earth the whole 30 is that Clair mentioned, please click on over to A Cacao Life and learn more about it won't be disappointed!

Courts xx

PS. I just finished a beautiful (and big!) dining table that I can't wait to show you!! Drying, drying...

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